Email Masking for Email Response Rule

Soffront enterprise now allows you to customize “FROM Email ADDRESS”  for auto response out of any Email Response Rule. This feature allows you to provide an alias email address, by which your recipient would see a different “From Email Address”. However, provided alias email address domain has to be same as your CRM configured mail server account.


To configure, please follow the steps given below:

1. Click Setup from the home page.

2. From the left panel click Email Response Rule under Rules Setup.

3. The list appears. Double click on any of the rules to set the masking. The detailed view page appears. Under Rule Details find the field Use Customized Email From Address? Click “…” and set the value as Yes. Refer to the image below:

4. Now, set the details under Masking Email section.

  • Display Name – Set the display name that will be displayed in the auto response mail.
  • Masking Email – Set the email that will be displayed in the auto response mail as “From Email”.
  • Masking Email Password – Enter the password for the email that you have entered in the previous field.