Group Default Recent Records

Selecting Recent Records on the My Setup menu displays the Recent Records screen, shown below. Recent Records are a quick reference to records that have been accessed recently. You can set a recent record view preference which helps you to display some additional details about the records accessed.

By default, Recent Records display only the Record ID that was accessed and does not display any other details.

  1. User Group displays the User which has already been selected from the drop down list under Group Default.
  2. Select the Main Object to work with from the Object
  3. Move Recent Record items from the Available list to the Selected List by selecting them and clicking Add/ Insert. Multiple selections can be made using the Ctrl and Shift keys .You can add all the items from available List to selected list by clicking Add All. Conversely, move items from the Selected List back to the Available List by selecting them on the list and clicking Remove. Or you can remove all items from Selected List by clicking Remove All.
  4. You can Move maximum of 5 items from the Available list to the Selected List. Moving more than 5 items would bring up the message window show below.

Click OK to continue

  1. Click the Show Field Label check box for the Object selected on the Object
  2. Indicate the number of Recent Records to show for all Objects by entering a number in the Recent Records should show a maximum of records for all objects text field.
  3. Click on Save to save all changes.
  4. Click Clear will remove all Recent records from the Selected object and bring up the message window shown Below. If that is your intention click OK . Cancel to exit window without making any changes.

Click Apply to group to apply the settings in this group to a different user selected from the user drop down list. After selecting the User check the radio button. Or to apply the settings for all users in this group check the All user in this group radio button

  1. Click OK to apply the above changes
  2. Click Close to exit window without saving any changes.

Click Ok to save all changes or Cancel to exit window without saving any changes.