Duplication Rule

Selecting Duplication Rules on the Rules Setup menu displays the Duplication Rules screen, shown below. Follow the steps below to work with the Duplication Rules screen.

Duplication Rules

The following columns of information are displayed for each line on the Automation Rules list:

Fields Description
ID System generated ID for the Duplication Rule.
Object The Object associated with the Duplication Rule.
Status The status of the Duplication Rule, either Active or Inactive.
  1. Click  to refresh the Duplication Rules
  2. Click New to create a new Duplication Rule.
  3. Click Edit to modify an existing Duplication Rule.
  4. Click More to apply an Action from the dropdown list to an existing Duplication Rule.
  5. Click to customize the view on this screen.
  6. Click  to page through the Duplicate Rules list.