Email Inbox

Selecting Email Inbox from Tools, Opens Inbox Sign in page as shown below.

Inbox Sign in

  • Name- User Name
  • Email- Existing email address
  • Password- Associated password
  • Click on login

Notes: Inbox sign in page shows up when signing in for the first time

Email Inbox

We will discuss the fully featured inbox in the next few pages.

 Inbox Setting

Click on setting to open email setting page.

  1. Common: Here user can set the look’n’feel of their accounts.
  • Skin: User can select a theme from the dropdown list.
  • Layout: Select a layout type for the inbox.
  • Language: Select the preferred language from the dropdown list
  • Messages per page: User can select the number of messages displayed on each page
  • Contacts per page: User can select the number of contacts displayed on each page.
  • Default editor: User can select the text type from the dropdown list
  • Auto check mail every: User can set a time for the email to sink and check for new emails after each interval.
  • Time offset: User can select their time-zone from the dropdown list.
  • Time Format: User can select their time zone format.

  1. Click on Email Account:
  • Properties: Email Setup details

  • Signature: User can add a personalized signature.

  • Manage Folder: User can Add new folder, Setup special folders and Delete selected

Add new Account:  user can add new accounts under one User.

  • To add a new account click on Add New Account

  • Type in all the required fields then click saves.
  • Click on your email address to go back to Inbox.


  1. Click on Check Mail to check for new emails.
  2. Users can mark an email by selecting an email and clicking on the option below.

  1. Users can move an email from one folder to another by selecting an email and clicking on the options below

  1. Users can also Delete an email, mark it as Spam, Empty Trash and Empty Spam from the dropdown menu.

 Easy Add to Contact

User can add a contact by just clicking on  icon on inbox page shown below.

  • The new contact window opens as shown below.

  • Fill out all fields and click on Save to save contact or X to exit new contact page without saving any changes.

  Quick Reply

Quick reply allows user to reply to an email easier and faster

  • Click on the Quick reply textbox and type in the message.
  • Click on Send to send the email.
  • Click on Open Full reply form to open the message in Compose email format.

Compose Email

  1. Click on New Message to compose an email.

  • Back to List: Click on back to list to go back to email list page.
  • Send: Fill out all credentials then click on Send to send the email.
  • Importance: Users can mark the importance of the email from the dropdown menu shown below. By default all emails are marked as Normal

  • Sensitivity: Users can mark the sensitivity of an email from the dropdown list shown below. By default all emails are marked as

  • Cancel: Click on Cancel to exit compos email.
  1. From: Select the account you want to send the email from, from the dropdown list.
  2. To: Type in an email address(es) you want to send the email to.
  3. CC: Type in the address you want to CC the email to ( Optional)
  4. Attachment: Click on “Click to attach a file” to attach Files and documents to the email.
  • The attachment window opens up.
  • Select the folders or documents you want to attach and click on

  1. Insert Link : User can insert links to the email by clicking on the icon 

  • Select the type of link you want to add such as http, ftp,https etc
  • Type in the URL
  • Click on Ok to add the link or Cancel to exit links
  1. Remove Link: Select an added link then click on  icon to remove the link.
  2. Insert Image: Click on  icon to insert an image to the email.

  • Click on choose path to open the Image window.
  • Select the images and click on Insert to Insert images or click on Cancel to exit without any changes.
  1. Reading Conformation: Check the Reading Conformation checkbox. If you want to receive any reading conformation.
  2. Click on send to send the email.

Link Email

  1. Once the user has clicked on sent email, email link window opens.
  • When sending email to new account the following window opens.
  • Click on Ok to add the email address to contact.

  1. The email Link window opens

  • Check the Save in note checkbox if you want the save the email as a note
  • Check the Read Count Checkbox if you want to add it as an email read count.
  • Check the Apply Link Rules checkbox if you want to apply it as a rule.

Find Contact

  1. Click on find to open the contact link page.
  • Click on search to display all contact lists.
  • Check the checkbox to select all contacts
  • Or select a contact from the list and click on to link the contact to the email.

  1. All the records linked to the particular contact are displayed in the list shown below.

  • Select a contact then click on Ok to link the contact to the email or click on Cancel to exit window without making any changes.

Add Contact

  1. Click on Add to open the window shown below.

  • Select Contact or Employee from the dropdown list.
  • Click on Ok to open the new Contact/ Employee list or Cancel to exit window without any changes.

  • Fill in all the required details and click on submit to create a new contact.
  • The new contact is displayed under records to be linked list shown below.
  • Click on Ok to lick the new contact to the Email or click on Cancel to exit window without making any changes.
  • Select a record and Click on Remove to remove the record from record to link list.

Switch Email profile

Users can switch email profile by clicking on the dropdown list shown in the picture below.

Multiple Email profile

Multiple Email profile can be tied up to one account.

  • Select an account and open the account detail view page.
  • Click on edit and an email profile
  • Click Save to save changes.
  • It will take the selected profile by default.

Batch Mail

  • Open all contacts.
  • Select two or more contacts from the contact list.
  • Click on the send email icon or Select Email To from the More dropdown list.

  • Click on Go to open new email compose page.

  • All the selected contacts are displayed in the To
  • Click on to Send and save the email.
  • The record link page opens.
  • Select the records you want to link and click on Ok to link the records to the email.