Clicking Tables on the Project Setup menu displays the Tables screen, shown below. Existing Tables within SF CRM are displayed on a Tables list. Tables are database objects that store  data. A table is a collection of columns and rows. Each column represents a field on the table, and each row represents a unique record. In SF CRM Tables are only containers. The actual fields are added using Forms. The admin creates a table and then goes to the Form Designer of that table to add/modify fields.

When you create a new object/table in SF CRM, a new table is created internally in the project database. You can now add fields to the Main Form and create Sub Forms that display only selected fields from the Main Form. To work with a specific table, select the table.

 Tables Screen

The following columns of information are displayed for each item on the list.

Fields Descriptions
Table Name  Table Name is the name of the Table.
Table Fields  The fields that make up a Table are displayed in the Table Fields column.
  1. Click New to create a new Table.
  2. Click Delete to remove a Table from the system.
  3. Click Describe to see details
  4. Click Delete All Data to delete all tables.

Create New Table

Clicking New on the Tables screen displays the Add a New Table window, shown below.

 Add a New Tables Screen

Follow these steps to add a new table to SF CRM:

  1. Enter a name for the new table in the Table Name text field. Table Names are restricted in length to 8 characters.
  2. Click Clone Table dropdown list to select a table from which to clone the new table, if desired.
  3. After selecting a clone table for the new table. Warning is displayed to you that any fields that are external to the Project and Table selections you’ve made above will not be cloned.

Add a New Tables warning Screen

  1. Click on OK to create a new table then click Save.
  2. Click on to exit this screen without creating any New Table.

 Delete Table 

Clicking Delete for a Table on the Tables list allows you to delete a Table from SF CRM. A Confirmation window, shown below, is displayed to ensure that is your intention. Click OK to delete the Table from the system or click Cancel to exit this window without deleting the Table.

Delete Table Screen

When you click OK the following message box shows up. To delete the selected table you have to first unlink it from other forms.

Delete Table Unlink Screen

Describe Table

Clicking Describe opens Describe Project popup window as shown below. The Describe Project window gives you detailed schema of the selected table stored in the database.

  • Click to print the schema.

Describe Table Screen

 Delete All Data

Clicking on Delete All Data opens Clean Database page.  Follow the steps below to delete all data from database.

  1. Select the tables you want to delete from the Choose Table(s)

Note: The operation will delete all the existing records permanently from the table(s) selected at the project database and cannot be rolled back. Please check once before deletion.

  1. Click  to delete the selected tables.
  2. Click  to exit this screen without deleting any table(s).

 Delete All Data Screen