Selecting Tabs from the Portal setup page opens the Tab Manager page shown below.

Following lines of information are displayed for each record in Tab Manager

Fields  Description
Name  Name of the tab as displayed in the table
Title  Name displayed in the portal
Type  Tab Type according to Template
  1. Refresh: Click on Refresh to refresh contents of the page
  2. Close: Click on close to exit window and go back to the Portal settings page

 Add/Edit Tabs

You can Add a Tab by filling in the following text fields

  • Tab Type: Select from the dropdown list under which template the tab belongs to
  • Tab Name : Name of the Tab as displayed in the table
  • Tab Title: Name of the Tab as displayed in the portal.
  • Tab Source: Source of the Tab
  • URL: URL of the Tab.
  1. Click Clear to clear all data from the fields. And add new data.
  2. Click Add to add new Tabs to the record.
  3. Click Back to go back to previous window
  4. Click Update to update a selected field. The following message should show up. Click Ok to complete update.

  1. Click Delete to delete a selected record. The following window should show up.