Gadgets are tool sets that allows you to get the maximum out of the Soffront CRM application. They require no installation or customization effort. The Soffront CRM application is equipped, out of the box, with a number of predestined gadget types such as queries, reports and link options. You also have the option of designing new gadget types according to your preferences and the business requirements of your enterprise. Follow the steps below to work with the Gadget Manager screen.

Selecting Gadgets from the Project Setup menu displays the Gadget Manager screen, shown below.

Manage Gadgets

On Gadget Manager’s page, Users will find list of all existing gadgets on the CRM, users can also search for existing public gadgets as well as gadgets created by them.

On Gadget Manager Page users can create new gadgets or copy & edit any existing gadgets. They can also delete any gadget created by them. (Non public)

New/ Modify Gadgets

User can create New or Modify existing Gadgets.

Follow the steps below to create new Gadgets.

Note:  The steps for modifying an existing Gadget are similar to creating a new Gadget.

Users can create new or modify existing gadgets from the Gadget Manager’s page.

Step-1: Enter Gadget Name and Description.

  • Name: Name the gadget.
  • Description: Describe the gadget in a line.

Step-2: Select the Gadget type.

Users will be able to select the type of gadget they want to create. Such as Reports.

Step-3: Select the Parameters for the Gadget.

  • Form Height: Height of the display box.
  • Table Name: Select the table from the dropdown list.
  • Report Name: Select a report from the dropdown list. The list contains all the reports related to the selected table.
  • Report Height: This will determine the height of the report within the form.
  • Report Width: This will determine the width of the report.

Step-4: Access

This option allows the users to put restrictions on who can have access to the gadget and who cannot. Select Only Me if you want to keep your gadget private or Select Everyone to make your gadget public.

Once all the options are selected click on save to Save the setting.

Copy Gadget

Select a gadget from the gadget list then click on Copy. This is a time-saving feature because most of the Gadget’s parameters are already filled in, leaving only the name and description for the new gadget needing to be entered. Click on Save to save the new Gadget to Soffront CRM.


Copy Gadget

Delete Gadget

Clicking Delete for a Gadget on the Gadgets list allows you to remove that Gadget from the system. A Confirmation window, illustrated below, is displayed to ensure that is your intention before performing the deletion. Click OK to remove the Gadget from Soffront CRM or click Cancel to exit this window without deleting the Gadget.

 Delete Gadget