Release Notes 11x

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Soffront Dashboard

Make educated Business decision by creating engaging dashboards to displays various business reports in the form of pie chart, bar graph, funnel charts and more.  The dashboard also provides you with one click detailed analysis of each report.

Kanban Board 11x

Create New projects and break them down to feasible tasks and subtasks, which you can complete yourself or assign to to a team member.  Color code them according to their priority  and sort them into stages to visually plan and execute your project efficiently.


Soffront KMS

Soffront’s new KMS with contemporary operating system and user interface is fully integrated with the Soffront Portal and Self help app. It is mobile friendly so you can check the KMS on the go on your smartphone or mobile device.

Also add Images to KMS Article from Desktop

Soffront Collaboration for Project Management and Customer support

Collaborate your Project management and customer support efforts using Soffront Collaboration. It’s a collaboration companion that works the way teams do. You can work jointly with your contacts from remote locations or in the same room using Soffront Collaboration. It allows you to chat with your contact, share files setup video meetings and more.

Customer Portal 

The new and improved Customer portal features a collection of gadgets with tight integration to the core CRM. The responsive dashboard helps create and maintain customer profile, add and track tickets, set up projects , manage contacts, view knowledge base and more.

Save Email Attachments to Contact notes

Save all your important email attachments as Notes without having to upload them to the CRM separately. When you convert an email to a ticket, defect or a contact the linked note will also contain the attachments. This will help you to keep track of all the attachments for an Account or contact.


Batch Operations on User Management

CRM Administrators will be able to manage their users easier and faster with the help of batch operations.  Batch Operations allows the admin to process several functions for multiple users at a time, such as:

  • Administrators will be able to Reset passwords for multiple users at a time.
  • Administrators will be able to Delete Multiple users at a time.

Save email after reading them

Setup your email response rule to save emails in a particular folder after you have read them.

Project management Enhancements

Now creating and tracking projects is much more simpler and effecient.  You can use customized template for the type of project you want to create, as well as track progress of your project in percentage of task completed. A Project can be divided into small tasks and subtasks which can be tracked and managed from Kanban board and Gantt chart.