Release Notes 10.3 (30th Jan 2015)

 Known Issues  Resolved Issues

New Home Screen 10.3

Our New and improved home screen allow you to see all modules and objects at a glance. In this release we have introduced a Color band at top of the home screen which displays different Categories in the CRM. When a category is selected it updates the Queries and Reports according to the selected Category, helping you to navigate your home screen easier and faster.

Note: You can add maximum of 8 categories to the color bands and the rest will be under the blue setup Icon.

Multi Language Support

This feature helps companies better support their global users by allowing employees to use the language of their choice.

Now We support

      • English
      • Japanese
      • Czech
      • Chinese
      • Portuguese
      • French
      • Spanish

To Setup your language go to Setup> Company Profile> Language. Then select your preferred language from the dropdown list.

Soffront Multi Currency

Now you can handle transactions easily in the global market and win over international clients with Soffront Multi Currency. You can support sales transaction in your preferred currencies with automated conversion rates and facilitate to close more deals easier and faster.

Pop-Up Reminder

Setup popup reminders from your calendar which will appear will appear on your home screen. This way you won’t miss any appointments or meetings even when you are busy with work.

Save and Attach Functionality

Save and attach button allows you to attach files to a record while saving it. This helps you to add important information to the record in the form of files, documents and images while creating and saving the record. This way you can find all information related to the record in one place.


View Log for Forms[DHTML] / Forms

We have introduced View Log button to Forms[DHTML] so that you can track changes to your Forms and find out details of deletion and modification all in one place.

Corporate Social Media Integration

Social media promotes your business to reach more people easily and become a part of their conversation. This helps you to gather authentic and relevant feedback faster. It also helps you to truly listen to your customers and track new leads from a LinkedIn, Twitter,Google Plus or Facebook post.

User and User Groups Privilege Report

This option allows the Administrator to create and Print out Privilege Reports of Users and User Groups. This way Administrators can easily find out User Group, Special Privileges, Tables and Forms granted to a User or User Group.

Queued/ Failed Emails

This option allows the user to find out scheduled emails and Emails which didn’t get delivered. These emails  can be Notification Email, Ticket Assignment etc. Users can Send them again, find out details or delete them.

      • Click on to Send a Queued Email.

      • Click on to see Failed Message Detail.

      • Click on to Delete a failed Email



iCal for Soffront

iCal allows you to send activity invitation from Soffront  CRM to external contacts and block their Calendar for the activity. When the activity is saved, Emails are sent out to the list of contacts with an .ics file containing information such as subject, location, start and end time etc. The email recipients can import this file to block their calendar.

Note: This is supported by all email clients such as Google calendar, Thunderbird, Outlook etc

Improved User Interface design for Child Object in List View

We have improved the user interface for Child Objects in List View such as notes and Contacts.  You can see details of each note and contacts in separate text boxes  from the child menu preview

Static Record view Toolbar

In this release we have made the Record view toolbar static. You can scroll through the record and access the toolbar at the same time.

Quotes Workflow Implementation

Quotation Workflow helps you to streamline the Quotation process and see that no quotation is processed without an approval. Now you can setup workflow process for approval of your Quotation by the concerned Authorities such as a Sales Manager. When a new Quotation is created it needs to be approved by the concerned authority or else it will show as Pending Approval

External List Field Filter in Forms Designer

Now you can add External fields as Parent fields for List Type Field filter in Forms Designer.

Customized Record View for Group Defaults with filters

This feature allows you to  set filters to Customize Record View for Group Defaults

Last accessed Email Template History

While sending an email now you can easily select you last used/Frequently used Email template without having to search for it.

LaserApp Integration

LaserApp is a form filling technology that integrates with Soffront CRM allowing you to use your existing client data to automatically populate the forms you use most. Once a form is pre filled then it can be printed, saved, or electronically signed and securely transmitted, saving you time and effort.

Phone Integration

Phone integration integrates your contact record in the CRM with your Calls.

  • When an incoming call is received the corresponding contact record pops up on the screen with all the information you need to handle the call.

  • You can add notes and tickets to the contact record while talking to your customer. If the contact is not available in your record,  a new contact form will show up where you can fill in Information and save it for your record.

  •  You can just  click to dial your contacts from the CRM.