Release Notes v11.1

Improved UI for Attachment Window

We have improved our UI for attaching and detaching files from records. Now you can attach or detach documents, spreadsheets images and presentations to a record from your computer or local drive with ease.

Report scheduler

 In this Release we have implemented Time Zone dropdown list in Report Scheduler.  Earlier When creating Report Scheduler, time zone was display based on existing time zone of the logged in User. If another user edits or modifies the same Report scheduler then existing time zone gets overwritten by logged in user’s time zone. In order to overcome this situation we have introduced time zone drop-down list where logged in User can select the appropriate time zone when creating or Modifying the report scheduler.

Active Directory-Single Signed on (SSO)

Now Windows Active directory users can login to Soffront Enterprise CRM with their window domain credentials.

Please note for this to work the CRM admin must create CRM user login credentials which are exactly same as the user’s active directory login credential. ie the username for active directory and Soffront CRM  should be the same.

Improved Project Management Module 

Our latest Project Management module has many new features and functions.  For example:Now you can view task list, Resources, time Track etc on separate page. We have integrated with Moxtra collaboration tool which seamlessly helps to manage and collaborate with remote teams and team members. You can initiate live group meetings with Project team & customers to clarify all project related issues in real-time from Gantt Chartt easily from Enterprise CRM. Its user interface is intuitive and interactive allowing you to work with both mouse and keyboard.You can search task and identify critical path of the TASK. We have extended this with Gantt functionality based on Bryntum’s Ext Gantt.

Advance Document Management 

In the new document management module you can open, edit and save changes to your documents in Soffront CRM without having to download them to your local computer. This feature is very useful if you dont have MS Doc, Excel etc installed on your computer,  you can still open any document (with file type  .txt,.doc,docx, .xls, .xlsx or rtf )  in Soffront CRM and work on it seamlessly.

Advanced Document Template for Business

We have replaced LiveDocx functionalities with our own Soffront home made features, so now on customer does not require to have a separate account with LiveDocx to avail the same features.

Documents are an essential part of running and growing any business. These documents are copied, shared and even mailed to different entities like customers, partners, managers etc. Use of standard document templates for business will automate various process involved in business and business planning.

KMS: Bulk Import Knowledge articles

Now you can Bulk import  Knowledge Article in your existing KMS application. This supports various types of formats, e.g. Excel, CSV, XML & HTML etc.