Release Notes 10.3.1 (27th March 2015)

 Object Selection for Recent Records in Home screen

Recent items displays your recent activities in the CRM and allows you to pin and save the favorite or actively used items for later use. Now you can conveniently select an object from the drop-down list and find Recent and pinned items for the selected object, narrowing down your search and saving time. You can easily switch from recent items to pinned items by clicking on the pin icon and vice versa.

Create new Leads/Contacts records and Submit Tickets and Defects From Inbox Email

You can create new records for Contacts, Leads, Tickets and Defects right from your Email Inbox.

Now when you receive an email on you inbox you can convert the information in the email to create a Contact, Lead, Ticket or a Defect record right from your Email Inbox. Read more…


Accept iCal Meeting Invitation automatically

In the last release (Soffront Enterprise 10.3 release) we introduced iCal for Soffront Calendar. In this release we have enhanced iCal, so that you can accept iCal Invitation without having to download it.

Print Project Plans

Now you can print out detailed Gantt chart from your project Management module.You can see the start and end date of the project, breakdown of your project into different task, dependency relationship between activities and the percentage completion of each task.

 Workflow rule on view action

You can control the view of detail view from workflow rules. It is very similar to the Submit , Edit and other workflow action. This will allow you to define different View forms based on different values.  For a list filed like Status or Category or Product Type etc.

Multiple Fields update using email response rule

Now you can see the multiple fields that are updated and the values for each field , for records created by converting emails into object records. You can see the Field updates from the email Response Rule ,when the rule is activated for that specific object.

Search filter on the child object preview panel

With time it becomes more difficult to find important information from your child records. With this release you can easily search and filter your child records right from the Child preview panel. You can see up to five search results on the preview panel and more on the list view page. You can click on a search result or child record for detailed information. Read More…

Time Track Timer Implementation

Time Track allows you to record the time spent on a Project or resolving a Ticket. You can select the date you worked on the project or the ticket and the time you spent on it. This is very useful while billing a customer.