Patch Release

Fixed Version ( 28th April 2014)

Defect Id Synopsis
62893 New activity is not created from floating menu, in add activity option under LEAD object in Record operation
62957 “ Error:Reason:NO[TRYCREATE] No folder Important (Failure)” gets shown On clicking the last Important in the dropdown in Inbox
62958 Calendar doesn’t display properly from the Search Mail popup in Inbox page
62966 After creating new user group any new report created for privileged table, when export to excel the columns are not arranged in required order.
62969 If Contact Table privilege is given to a user group in the records detail view UI issue exists
62972 Any subobject filter with ‘ (apostrophe) in the name (eg. k’c) is getting saved but not working.
62975 The Apply to group button is missing in the Group Defaults Report Setup page
62976 Blue boundary is showing in Group defaults in Orange theme for chrome only
62978 In Orange theme ‘Move to’ drop-down button is not displaying properly
62982 If horizontal panel is set for view ,text are not displaying properly for a empty folder in.
62984 When multiple folders are created under personal folder, multiple buttons get created and Personal Folder’s alignment becomes improper in Inbox and Batch mail
62985 In Email Compose page ,After select High or Low Button go to option and set importance as normal and hit OK,  High button gets selected
62986 After deleting one email a number is showing and in deleted email message same number is showing as well
62989 In Record’s detail view select print preview, when print opening in a different tab return to detail view, user drop-down page unresponsive
63011 In Report template when search like N’a’s’, page becames unresponsive with error message
63012 In Email Template Batch link after performing wild search for library. In Setup View although Doc ID is not selected it shows up in list view.
63014 In Form Designer On changing the parent field. Some of the dependent fields are not changing to blank automatically.
63017 In Main object the last record is not showing after editing an object for project setup
63023 Although Login user having privileges (View Sessions) but still they are unable to get sessions link under Users and Group Option.
63043 For Opportunity object after running one Query if Recent Items is opened then that Running Query is not reflected under recent items.
63047 After Running ‘Activity Follow-up Report while linking any record to child table , After searching modified Sort by not reflecting
63066 Refresh and Print Buttons tool tips are not showing after running ‘Forecast Matrix’ management report
63068 Private Reports are also showing While selecting Reports of contact’s object For a new Gadget manager page
63073 While exporting a Note record having a large Note text to excel, the record content breaks in the Excel file
63075 Modified Sort By Field is not reflecting in customize view of Note Object while Batch Link with Accounts Object
63076 Attachment Is not showing at ‘Activity Followup’ Report
63081 Maximum Number of record displaying in Recent Records, not reflecting in Recent items
63082 Text is going out of the Text Box for long Description in Test Cases Object
63083 The Customize button is not getting shown while saving a new advance search page
63084 Customize button displaying in Advanced Search page though Query Privilege is not given to that user group
63085 By hitting customize button showing Query Setup page though Query Privilege is not given to that user group
63086 Alignment of Group By Field is improper for Accounts Object in Query Setup Page
63087 After hitting Enter key in Advanced Search page for a valid criteria wrong message is displaying(Only in FF)
63088 Tool Tip is not showing for Customize Button in Advanced Search Page
63089 Wrong tool tip “LinkedIn Search” is getting shown in the search icon for Facebook Search popup
63091 In the Global search setup page the Save button length is very long and the alignment of the text is improper
63092 UI Issue Exists in Quick book setup page
63093 Calendar spelling is wrong when the Calendar opens for some specific fields for specific objects in Advance search page
63094 User Option drop-down doesn’t work on SINGLE CLICK particularly in Chrome Browser.
63095 Buddy button doesn’t work in the UPDATE section as highlighted below in notification rule modify page.
63096 Validation Message shows multiple times while saving user form.
63098 Page response time is MORE when user trying to access next page through Next button.
63100 Wrong fields are showing for recent records of Group defaults for another user group
63101 Pinned Records are getting cleared from Recent items after clearing recent records.
63103 New Assignment rule can be created without putting any Value in any field
63104 Suddenly child Record COUNTER doesn’t shows up in the List View Page and it happened only in-case system gets idle for sometimes
63107 highlighted button needs to similar in terms of UI compare to other button.
63108 Automatically enter value gets save in the linked Activities Record during SEND AND SAVE Operation.
63109 Although Record is Present but child global search doesn’t work.
63110 While modifying any escalation rule the value of the Update field from buddy button can be edited
63111 While modifying any notification rule the value of the Update field from buddy button can be edited
63112 An alert msg. “You should fill both From and To Date” gets shown on clicking the run or save button
63115 Calendar does not show up properly on clicking the From/To Date field in Exchange Calendar Sync popup
63117 For New On Update rule For Predefined Field mapping dependent fields must be non editable by colour (Blue theme)
63120 Radio button position for No option is improper for new On Arrival Automation Rule page
63121 Only in Blue Theme available task-flow field must be non-editable by colour while Using Task-flow option is no
63123 All available fields are not displaying at sort by field drop-down list
63124 Automation Rule is not working while Lead Record submitted through copy any existing Lead Record.
63126 The OK and the CLEAR button is missing in the Calendar from the Create activities popup
63127 In Automation rule page is not automatically refreshed while modifying columns from customize view.
63129 Child records are not showing after perform export to excel Operation.
63130 Audit trail doesn’t get updated after forward Operation Performed against any Activities Record.
63132 Selected values unable to kept selected when user view in the escalation rule Page.
63133 Although fields are not showing in Ticket: CPSubmit sub-form but shows in the Preview Page.
63135 Start date doesn’t shows up after perform below step during Activities FORWARD operation.
63143 Query doesn’t get executed if Query name consist with Special character as ampersand.
63148 While viewing emails in the Inbox the vertical scrollbar appears very thin
63150 After deleting any email 1 is getting shown in the email list and the deleted email info still gets shown
63151 The Move To dropdown button is missing when the More Mail button gets disabled
63152 EMAIL FROM address not getting populate in compose window when user tried to send mail to any existing Employee.
63153 On clicking the Show To button rest of the email id’s are not getting shown
63155 In Customize View of Find And Link of Activity Object Sort by field is not displaying at available list and field to view list
63156 Proper validation message should display while forward an Activity after clearing the Date Time field.
63157 Calendar Spelling is wrong in any date field while creating a filter from Customize Child menu for Child Activity of Account
63158 Customize Child menu for Activity Child while creating a filter for End time after creation Page refresh time STime get selected
63159 Proper Validation message should display while creating Blank Date time expression for End time for creating filter of Activity
63160 In Activity Followup Report in Find and Link Sort By Field of Customize View does not follow Descending Order check Box
63161 Activity Followup Report in Find and Link, Sort By Field of Customize View not Present in Available list and field to view list
63162 A msg. “Invalid Folder Name” gets shown when giving a folder name in single quotes within characters
63164 In Activity Followup Report calendar page is not showing properly.
63165 Defect Version doesn’t created under newly created defects under Projects.
63166 Module doesn’t get link with newly created defects under Projects.
63167 Entire application gets HANGED after Preview Release Operation against Project Record.
63169 User unable to view existing Closed/open Defects through Preview Release Operation.
63170 Advanced Search Criteria shows wrong Message when user try to execute through Enter button.
63188 For Campaign Performance Report in dashboard the Edit icon does not have a boundary and the highlighted value is getting hidden
63190 Proper validation message should be displayed to user while deleting any sub-form
63191 Proper validation message should be displayed while batch edit Email field of contact records without following the email format
63193 After Creating New Relation, Label Name is getting Changed and it is over lapping with adjacent  field
63205 Alignment should be on TOP instead of bottom after export to excel operation is performed.
63206 Proper Message should display when user tries to SAVE Workflow rule with Action which is already present in existing workflow
63214 On clicking the Show CC button rest of the email id’s are not showing
63223 When no linked table is added ,unnecessary blank space is showing in List view of account object only in blue theme