Release Notes

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Project Management

Now editing or copying a Project is easy. All you need to do is drag and drop tasks to different status using the Kanban board. You can create a project with Kanban type and can easily create, edit and manage tasks.

Project Change Management

Identify a risk of a project and create related plan to counter those risks for better planning of the project. Also while copying the project template copy the same risks and related plans in the new project to reduce redundancy.

Record Locking

When a user in your system is editing a record , another user will not be able to edit the same record in the same time. This will help to reduce errors and  redundancies in the data.


Add your notes right on the child menu preview pane

The Child menu Preview allows you to view the details of the child objects such as notes, activities, contacts, etc, attached to an object without having to open them in a new window.

Now you can add a note right from the child menu preview panel.

Auto Refresh of queries

Automatically refresh the result view of queries after a certain time interval.

Enhanced Mobile module

Soffront mobile available for easy access to the CRM. You can now access the Soffront CRM from anywhere on the go using Soffront Mobile.

New Workflow component

New enhanced workflow component in which you can create new states and actions with just a click on respective buttons.

Email dropbox 

You can now create a note while sending or after receiving an email against an appropriate lead or customer.

Email Masking for Email Response Rule

Customize “FROM Email ADDRESS”  for auto response out of any Email Response Rule.

Share Notes via Emails

Share notes and its details as emails. The “Note Type”, “Note Text” and “Date and Time” will appear in a new email compose page below the signature of the user .

 Attachment sharing via email

Select and easily email attachments without downloading them.

Recycle Bin

A deleted record will not be completely removed from the system. It will be internally stored in the Recycle bin but will not be displayed, cannot be searched and also will not appear in the reports.

New Email Indicator

A new indicator has been introduced which will indicate you with the number of new emails and once clicked it will directly open the Inbox displaying the new unread emails.

System Alert Notification

A new system alert, which will notify you when any email queue up or failed to deliver. This will help you to keep track of the emails which are not delivered.


 Soffront Activity Reminder

Keep a tab on all your activities and appointment on a busy work schedule using Soffront CRM Calendar . The calendar allows you to visually schedule and manage your activities and appointments. You can complete an appointment, cancel it, forward it to a different date and edit it right from the activity reminder icon.

  • Click  to complete activity .
  • Click to roll activity forward.
  • Click  to delete activity.
  • Click  to edit Activity details.