Patch Release

Fixed Version ( 15th May 2014)

Defect Id Synopsis
62117 In Form Designer [DHTML] Multilevel Dependency not taking after dependency level 2
62642 When there is no Linked Account under one Lead record, one very small button is appearing in place of Edit button (MAC Issue)
62717 After running All contacts Report and then export to excel columns in excel report are not properly arranged.
62838 Wrong Message shows up when user tries to Make public any Public Report.
63122 Form designer Default value field in a Form is not working properly.
63128 In record Operations, Password in email Profile record is not showing in Encrypted Format in Look-up Field.
63147 In Address Book the Edit icon does not have a boundary.
63177 For User Dropdown, After clicking outside of the user drop down the drop down box is still there.
63181 A small vertical line appear beside the save button in Report under My setup.
63189 For Destination Table Accounts all the queries are not getting shown In Import and Export.
63192 UI Issue in Choose file button while creating a new Attachment record, under any contact Object in Record Operation.
63194 In Batch action While Merging two activities Start Time, End time and Reminder Before Field must be non-editable by color.
63195 While merging two Activities Start Time And End Time is showing one day less though the user time zone is IST
63196 The total no. of users tag is getting superimposed on the user dropdown button in user setup page
63198 Activity drop-down option doesn’t get closed in Chrome.
63200 In Form Designer User unable to delete any field through DELETE button in the first attempt.
63201 In Forms Designer Mouse cursor should automatically keep selected in the new sub-form page.
63202 Form Designer Page shows BLANK just after click multiple times ENTER button.
63203 In Forms Designer, User unable to add any fields from Main Form to Note: CP Submit sub-form
63204 Drop-down Option doesn’t get CLOSED and this happens in chrome.
63217 In Lead Conversion and Forecast Matrix Report Tooltip is not getting shown in Print and Refresh Button
63224 Floating Menu position get changed while selecting Linked child in Email Template
63225 Default columns should be selected while saving, after deselecting all columns of Q.Manager Page in Step-1 for Query Setup page.
63228 In Group Defaults for a User Group In Quick Search ,Wild card search option modification is not reflecting while log in with user.
63230 Hyperlink doesn’t shows up when user trying to open attachment from ajax popup window.
63231 User profile drop-down doesn’t get closed in FF browser.
63234 User unable to add any line item after hitting on NEXT PAGE Icon in the Product Search window.
63235 Enter Prepayment values gets ZERO on hitting VALIDATE button before save any Quotation.
63236 Query Manager unable to retrieve desired Query after Perform Search Operation
63242 On saving an escalation rule with status Off a msg “Applying this rule may update some records” gets shown.
63245 In Inbox After Selecting Customize from More Info of Email ,If none is selected in Step 2 Account gets checked instead of condition page
63250 For project Setup in Map Parent and child In Relation Page, After selecting Parent object if no child is selected, fields must be non-editable
63256 After clearing From and To date, from Time Aging Report and then refreshed, Wrong message is displaying.
63261 While opening Inbox from User drop-down menu error message is displaying
63263 In Notification Rule page sorting is not working for Status, Object, On Action, On Change field.
63265 No Data is displayed, while running Opportunities By Stage Report from Report Manager.
63271 User unable to Add Line Items after making changes to the Record Count in Quotation.
63278 In Quotation, Copy Record Page on disabling Product search, all products are not getting shown in the List of Products page.
63279 In Email template Modify page the cover is not appearing for Make Public icon in Orange theme and in Attachment icon in blue and red Theme.
63280 On executing any Matrix Report and closing the Print Preview window the report shows blank and entire CRM gets unresponsive.
63282 In Object Images text the Hand mouse pointer is not getting shown
63288 Proper validation message must display while selecting all fields in On Change buddy button of Notification Rule submit page
63291 Adding Email Template after making update field null of any modified notification rule page ,after refreshing  page taking previous  value
63303 Buddy button of Update field get vanish after adding Email Template in Notification Rule.
63325 Run time error is displaying while Apply to group from Group Defaults to a User group, after modifying Report setup
63315 Proper message should be shown when user tries to copy a workflow when no records exist.
63319 Mapped list in Last Priority Rule not displaying properly in Priority rule Manager Page
63324 Hand Mouse pointer should be displayed for the Collapse icon in the ActivityFollowUp Report page
63325 Run time error is displaying while Apply to group from Group Defaults to a User group after modifying Report setup
63328 Searching Account ID with search criteria >0 on Account Object yields no results for Send and Save operation
63331 Static fields are getting display in the report Template new Page.
63333 In Report Template ,It displays two line breaks after field values in child record
63335 First & Last Name gets truncate when Report Template is Published.
63336 Private Report templates are getting display in escalation rule page but it is not getting display in Report Template Mgr Page.
63337 User unable to MAKE PUBLIC any existing Report Template although login user belongs to Administrator Group.
63338 Owner field suddenly gets changed to Login User Name after performing modification operation against any Public type Report Template.
63341 Start time showing wrong for all day activities.
63342 End time is getting changed when creating an activity from any object.
63349 On clicking the Inbox folder the unread count is incorrect which mismatches with the proper count while refreshing the Inbox
63352 In Calendar page vertical scrollbar is missing
63353 For the Attachment Popup in Email compose page the Browse button should be properly aligned with the Close button.
63354 Object and Owner drop down not showing the selected value from the list in Report Manager.
63356 Object and Owner drop down not showing the selected value from the list in Query Manager
63393 Escalation Rule doesn’t get fire if selected User not belongs to Employee Table.
63394 Escalation rule doesn’t get fire when rule set with Email to the following option.
63422 Unnecessary files get attached after user attached any file during creation of Ticket from Customer Portal.
63461 In Advanced Search page on selecting a new value for parent field the previous value of the child field is not getting cleared
63467 System should not throw message if provided condition having multiple tables during creation of escalation rule.
63478 creating New Notification rule with Check Users and select any user if modify the rule and uncheck users that user get vanish
63497 On modifying an escalation rule by un-checking the users checkbox, any user in the selected list gets removed from the Users List.
63536 Parent and child Drop down list is empty in Relation under Project setup.