Release Notes 10.1 (11Feb 2014)

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Home Screen

Resource expensive Gadgets are replaced with Widget. Home layout and Dashboard comes with widgets for Queries, Reports, and Special functions (Mail, Import, and calendar) one click accessibility. Yes this can be personalized. Few benefits

  • Faster Loading Time
  • Greater Performance
  • Users can add as many links on the home screen without sacrificing performance.
  • Intuitive UI to add Queries and reports to the Widgets on the Home screen. Drag and Drop facilities which include displaying Number of Records against each Queries.

Understanding Categories & Sub-Categories

In Home Page there are Categories and Sub-Categories through those we can choose the Category and its related Sub-Category based on user day to day operation. Please find the details given below with snapshot.

Adding Queries

On Selecting Query option it shows tables (First drop-down list) with their corresponding Queries/Report in the second drop-down list.

Adding Report

On Selecting Report option it shows tables (First drop-down list) with their corresponding Queries/Report in the second drop-down list.

Adding Link

When we select the Link in the first Category we have to give the name of the link and in the Sub-Category we have to give the URL.

For example the Category field is name of the link that is anything as you like, and coming to the Sub-Category it is a URL that is Error! Hyperlink reference not valid etc.


Execute Sub-Categories

Access Queries/Report/Link from Home Page

  •  Queries/Report gets opens up in new tab by showing desired records.
  •   Link result gets open in new browser Tab.

Access System Categories

System Categories used mainly for Creation of Records, accessing Query/Report Manager Page, Quick to Inbox, able to perform Import/Export Operation & user able to navigate recently accessed Queries/Report & Record through Recent Items Link.

  • User able to access Submit Record form followed by selecting desired Object, Recent Items, Query & Report Manager, Inbox, Calendar etc.

Silent Features of Home Tab

  •   Drag and drop is possible for category
  • Drag and drop is possible for Sub-Categories within same categories as well as to different Categories
  • User can add max up to 12 sub-categories separated with 2 columns with 6 items.
  •   By default new user gets same Home template setup which already assigned to his/her Group
  •   In case user modifies the Home Template then it becomes his private template
  •   But Private template get reset immediately instead an email is sent to that user for permission.
  • The email has a link with if he clicks the new template replaces his private template.

Introduce Theme

Theme provide user for the better enrich user friendly experience.

Query Manager

Query Manager allows users to create only advanced search and SQL Queries. Less is more & Reduces User Training.

Report Manager

Now user can scheduled Report through from Report Manager Page.

Mail Server & Inbox

  • Superior email Inbox Feature built on the CRM. Better Inbox, and Email capabilities giving better user Experience like Gmail with HORIZONTAL & VERTICAL Reading Pane.
  • Mail opens with TABS. Mail count shows adjacent to each folder.
  • In Inbox page, System automatically shows error trapping message incase of if it unable to connect to Mail Server.

DHTML Form Designer

DHTML Form Designer Tool does not need Microsoft Active-x control. This will work on Chrome and Firefox. No Browser and OS Dependency.

  • Icon   Used for show Properties
  • Icon  Used for Save Form
  • Aligned Selected
  • Expand/ Shrink selected.
  • Insert Control
 Text Box,  Static, Drop-down,Long Text

Auto Complete

Auto complete for Lookup and External fields, which minimize User productivity while filling out forms or search.

Recent additions in Form Designer

  • Hidden field, lookup priority (Below Screenshot) etc.
  • Multiple fields can select through the mouse (by holding mouse right button) by dragging the cursor over it.

Note: No need to hold CTRL button for multi field’s selection as per our old form designer which was tedious and a bit cumbersome –

  • Form designer can be saved through shortcut keys (Shift + S)


Lookup Priority

A box “LookUp Priority” has been added to the DHTML editor (for Main Forms only) for External + Lookup fields. If you open the DHTML form designer(in this case Contacts) and edit the Company field, we can see that it was already a External + LookUp field, here you will see a box “LookUp Priority” just adjacent to it.

For the Company link to work in Contact record list view, you add the External mapping to the “Lookup Priority” box. Click on the Add button to add look up object priority to the list.

This would allow searching the company name in Accounts while you click on the Company link in Contact list view. You can also add more Object and set the lookup priority list, so in case it does not find anything on the first object; it will search the against the second Object by priority.

Once you have added the values to the Priority list, please make sure that you select the correct External table and field again before saving the form.


  • Drilldown is possible against any Activity in Calendar Page.
  • Tooltip shows On Mouse rollover against any Activity in Calendar Page.
  • Calendar drag & Drop Support in IPAD

Context Sensitive

Find and Link dialog should be context sensitive.

Document Management Functionality Overview

Employees Can have document Files which can be accessed by clicking on the Action.

Get Documents Automatically retrieves that employees File with Documents.

Users can open up the Individual Document By Simply Clicking on it.

Users Can Do advanced Search on Organization wide document Repository