Save and Attach

Save and attach button allows the use to attach files to a record while saving it. This helps the user to add important information to the record in the form of files, documents and images while creating and saving the record. This way the user can find all information related to the record in one place.

Customize Forms Designer to Enable Save & Attach button

  1. From home page click on Setup under
  2. Click on Forms [DHTML] under Project Setup.

3.  Select an Object for which you want to enable save and Attach Button.

  1. On Forms page click on Customize button to open Customize special features for (the selected object)

  1. Customize special features for the selected Object

  • By Default No will be selected for all Forms and Sub-Forms.
  • By changing the value to Yes the user will be able to enable the Save & Attach button on all Form in addition to regular Save button.
  • Check Include All Sub-Forms option to enable Save & Attach for all Sub-Forms for the selected object at once.

Once Saved the generated Form will have a Save & Attach button

Save and Attach button on the objects form page

To use Save and Attach button follow the steps below

  1. Select the Object for which you have enabled Save & Attach button then search for all records.

  1. Click on New button or Edit an existing record to use Save & Attach button


  1. Fill in the form then click on Save& Attach. The record will be saved and a pop-up window will show up to add attachments to the record.

4.  When clicked on Save & Attach button the attachment window opens, here the users can browse and attach files from their computer.

5.  Once all the files are attached, click on Close to exit attachment window.

6.  The user can see the attachment in the list view.