Corporate Social Media Integration


Social media promotes your business to reach more people easily and become a part of their conversation. This helps you to gather authentic and relevant feedback faster. It also helps you to truly listen to your customers and track new leads from a LinkedIn, Twitter,Google Plus or Facebook post.

To setup Social Media from Soffront Enterprise  follow the steps below.

  1. On Home screen select Marketing as Category from the top color band.
  2. Then click on Marketing link under Links.

3.  Then click on Social Campaigns on Marketing


Social Messages of different status are displayed in different colors

  • Saved Messages: White
  • Scheduled Messages : Yellow
  • Posted Messages : Green

Follow the steps below to Create a Social Campaign 

  1. Click on Social Campaign under Marketing to open Social Campaign page.
  2. Click on    to Add a new Social Campaign.
  3. Share Something: Type in content you want to share or copy paste it from word.

4.   Link:  Click on the   link icon to attach Documents and Pictures to your campaign

  •  Select your document/ picture from your Computeror CRM Library.

  • Here you can see the attached picture

Once your campaign is ready to post select Social Media

Select Social Media 

Select LinkedIn,Google Plus, Facebook or Twitter or all four to post your Social Campaign.

6.  Click on Connect under Facebook icon to open Facebook sign in page on a popup window.

  1.  Or Click on Connect under Twitter icon to open Twitter sign in page on a popup window.

8.   Or Click on LinkedIn connect button to bring up LinkedIn sign in page

9.  Or Click on Google Plus connect button to bring up Google Plus sign in page.

Once you have signed in Click the check-box on the social media icon to connect it to your Social campaign.

Use the following options on the top of the page.

  • Click on Refresh to start Campaign afresh.
  • Click on Save as Draft to save the Campaign you have created for later use.
  • Click on Post Now to post your Campaign. Connect to at least one of the social media before posting.

  • Click on Schedule to post the campaign on a specific date and time.
    • Select a date and time then click on Save.