LaserApp Integration

LaserApp is a form filling technology that integrates with soffront CRM allowing you to use your existing client data to automatically populate the forms you use most. Once a form is pre filled then it can be printed, saved, or electronically signed and securely transmitted, saving you time and effort.

In Soffront CRM individual user group must have LaserApp Integration permission in order to set it up.

Admin Setup

Step 1:

LaserApp Setting

  1. Create a User in LaserApp.
  2. Login as Admin in to LaserApp to create Other User accounts.


Step 2:

CRM Settings

In CRM individual user groups must have LaserApp Integration permission to setup and use LaserApp. 

Follow the steps below to Setup Permission for Laser App integration

  1. From Home page click on Setup to go to Setup menu.
  2. Click on User Group under User& Groups setup

3.  Select the User Group to which you want to grant permission to, then click on Modify.

  • Click on Special button to open special privileges list
  • Select LaserApp Integration from Special Privileges list
  • Then click on Add to move it to Granted Privileges
  • Click on Save to save the setting.


Once the special privileges is set up, the mapping between LaserApp e-form fields and Soffront CRM Contact field has to be set up by the Admin.

Follow the steps below to setup mapping

Note: Only users in Admin or Administrator group can access the mappings page. 

  1. Select LaserApp to CRM Mapping under Integration.

2.  On Mapping page select a laser app field then select a corresponding Contact field.

3.  Click on Map to add it to the Mapped List.

  • To remove mapping select a field from the mapped list then click on Remove Mapping.
  • Click On Remove All Mapping to clear Mapped List
  • Once all the required fields are mapped click on Save Mapping


Under LaserApp Integration add LaserApp Login credentials in order to connect to LaserApp automatically.

Note: This needs to be setup for all CRM users who will be using LaserApp.

  1. Account ID is not mandatory
  2. Host should always be Soffront CRM


Step 3:

Use LaserApp to fill up forms

  1. Select a Contact to fill out form then go to contact detail view
  2. From Actions dropdown list select Send to LaserApp.


  1. Any user with a valid LaserApp login in CRM on using the action Send To LaserApp will see the LaserApp e-forms in a new tab as shown below.


  1. Finally the user will be able to see the imported data in Contact Data option in LaserApp.