iCal for Soffront

iCal allows Users to send activity invitation from Soffront  CRM to external contacts and block their Calendar for the activity. When the activity/ event is saved, Emails are sent out to the list of contacts with an .ics file containing information such as subject, location, start and end time etc. The email recipients can import this file to block their calendar.

Note: This is supported by all email clients such as Google calendar, Thunderbird, Outlook etc

Follow the steps below to use Soffront  iCal

  1. Open Activities page then click on New to create a new Activity.

2.  Fill in all the credentials then click on Save to send out the email.

3.  The sent email will have a download folder attached.

4.  The Contact can download the folder and save it on their desktop.

5.  The Contact can open their Soffront calendar page and Click on iCal.

6.  On calendar page the contact can click on iCal button to open Import iCal dialog box.

7.  Then click on Choose File to select and open iCal file from the computer.

8.  Finally the Contact can click on Import to add the activity to their calendar.