External List Field Filter for Forms Designer

Follow the steps below to add an external List Field Filter to your form:

  1. Click on Forms[DHTML] under Project Setup in Setup
  2. Select Form Name from the list.
  3. Select the Form you want to add external List to, then click on

4.  Add list type field to your form.

5.  Follow the steps below for setting up the External Field Filter.

  • Double click on the list type field to open Settings
  • On settings window ,select External for the Parent Field. (List of all the External tables are displayed)
  • Select the table you want to add.
  • Select any field from the table.
  • Then click on Build to add other settings to the application

  • Select the Field from the list you want to add to the form
  • Click on Fields button to open the list of values and options
  • Select your preferred options then click on Save to add specific where conditions.
  • Once you have selected your Specific Where Conditions click on Save to save your options.