Customer Portal Guide

  1. Customer Portal Home Page.
  2. All Request
  3. Manage Contacts
  4. Knowledge Base
  5. Links
  6. Dropdown Menu

Portal Setting

Customer portal features a collection of gadgets for the customers with tight integration to the core CRM. The customers can create and maintain profiles, submit tickets and check the status of pending tickets from the website, twenty-four hours a day. They can view Purchased product list, product registrations, alerts, surveys, as well as access Self service and integration with e-commerce application.

In this guide we will see how to use your customer portal

1. Customer Portal Home Page

Top Tips

Discuss best practices and related topics on our website

Chat with Us

The chat allows you to talk to our Soffront Enterprise support team during business hours.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge base allows you to search articles from the KMS.

Social Media

You can access all your social media from the icons on the bottom of the page

Submit Tickets

Submit ticket allows you to report issues or request to your Soffront Customer Support team.

  • Subject: The topic of your request or issue
  • Description: Here you can write down the details.
  • Category: Select whether it is a Issue or a request.
  • Severity: If it’s an issue select the urgency level to fix the issue.
  • Product : Select the product for which you are reporting request or issue.
  • Choose File: You can add documents or images to support your point

2. All Request

All request allows you to see all your submitted Requests and issues.

  • Here you can find out your Ticket ID
  • Filter your tickets according to Created Date
  • Find out the progress of your tickets under Status
  • Severity of your ticket
  • One line Synopsis of your ticket

  • You can click on More to see details of your ticket

3. Manage Contacts

  1. Here you can add Contacts and manage contact information.

2.  Click on the + icon to add new contacts to your list

3.  Click on More button to see details of your saved contacts

4. Knowledge Base

Knowledge base allows you to search articles from the KMS.

  • Modify Search : Click on Modify search to modify your query and search again.
  • New Search: Click on New search to start a fresh search.
  • Advance Search: Select Advance Search to add search criteria to filter your search.

5. Links

This page contains all your saved links

6. Dropdown Menu

Personal Information

  • Select Personal Information from the dropdown list.
  • Click on Edit to edit your personal information

Change Password

Enter your current password to change your new password


select logout from the dropdown menu to sign out from your portal