Resolved Issues 10.1

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Assignment Rule

  • Configuration Page is opening Assignment Rule submit page.
  •  UI issue: SAVE and CLOSED button should display in alignment.

Email Template

  • Object Reference Message shows up while clicking on CUSTOMIZE VIEW Icon on search email template from Email Option Page.
  • On Email Template page the Attachment icon in the floating menu is not loading.

Email profile

  • Loader continuously moves when user is  trying to select different signature under main profile while sending mail from compose window

Escalation rule

  •  Error shows when user is trying to access escalation rule.
  •  Where condition with only custom value in Other Value(s) field is not possible.
  •  User is not able to select multiple ‘Notify’ fields on creating escalation rule.
Form Designer
  • Proper validation msg. not displayed with non-numeric data in ‘Size’ field
  • On selecting state as ‘Dubai’ all countries are populating. Issue in dependency.
  • Form Designer is accepting field names with SQL reserved keywords
  • Remove functionality in Add/Remove from Subforms check button not working
  • All the groups are showing instead of the selected user’s group.
  • The full length of the text is not visible on clicking Show Groups Button
Import & Export
  •  Importing records from excel file is failing and submitting blank records.
  • Destination fields are changing from Note to Account object.
  • Location/File Names is showing different for chrome and Mozilla

Inbox/Send Mail

  • Entire page gets squeezed when user re-selects DEFAULT Option from Profile drop-down list in Email Option Page.
  • List View
  • Although attachment is present but it is not showing.
  • Batch Link doesn’t work with latest production folder in sf104.

Portal Setting

  • Refresh button doesn’t work in Portal setting Page.
  • There is no line break up or spacing in confirmation message followed by save operation.
  • Label should display as Header/Footer Message Manager instead of Footer Message Manager.
  • Even if user doesn’t make any changes in Company logo but still confirmation message shows up after save the page.
  • Wrong tool-tip shows up in Social Media icon in Portal setup page.

Query Manager

  •  In Query Manager page the More Button image is not loaded properly in Orange theme
  • Customize button should not appeared while saving advanced search type of query.
  • After selecting all values in value list and clicking ‘run’ new tab is opening but without any record, save new field is generated

Quotation template

  • Selected Quotation template gets deselected in Quotation template Manager when any Quotation template is saved.
  • Unable to save the Linked opportunity close date
  • Standard Opportunity and Forecast Calculation is working incorrectly after saving.
  • Date field is not updated if the selected date is a past date or a future date in Quotation Template.
  • Copy/ Paste does not work for Phone type fields when any existing contact is modified in Quotation.
  • Cancel does not work when confirm message comes up while adding line items in a quotation.
  • Copy/ Paste does not work for Phone type fields when any existing contact is modified in Quotation.
  •  Premium support & Sub total values does not show correct values when PDF is generated for any quotation.

Record Operation

  • Activity start date is auto-populating with arbitrary start date time.
  • Convert batch action for lead object not working properly
  •  Refresh functionality is not working for leads search result page

Report Manager

  • User unable to select OWNER from drop-down list in Report Manager Page.

Report Scheduler

  • The EmailList field of the Report Scheduler page is accepting junk values.

User and User Group

  • Setup configuration and special are missing in modify user group page
  • Workflow
  • Workflow Rule doesn’t work on SUBMIT action. (both in Parent as well as Child)
  • Selected values are not showing in submit form when workflow Rule is created on Submit Action.