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We have introduced PM tool by which User can manage his project schedules very easily inside CRM10.

Its user interface is intuitive and interactive and allows the user to work with both the mouse and keyboard.  Also User can import existing MS Project schedules to CRM10. We have extended this with Gantt functionality based on Bryntum’s Ext Gantt.

How it works

These should be visually reflected in Gantt (refer to below screenshot).

In the Gantt chart we have the following:

  • Able to change start and finish date of milestones and Task (both ‘drag and drop’ and edit of fields)
  • Show % complete for projects, milestones and activities (no edit necessary)
  • Create, edit and delete dependencies (drag and drop)
  •  Show resources next to Task (a resource is the owner of the Task and optionally additionally assigned users to that Task)
  •  Visual (red, amber, green, etc) status indicator (overdue, finished, not started, etc)