Known issues 10.1

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  • Selecting values from the drop down list from the On Update Rule page reloads the whole page.
  •  Message window “Please select a child object” shows up even when the child object field is disabled.
  • Instead of * * for Text field in Advance Search if ‘ ‘ is put in , it is taking as wild card
  • To field in Email compose page is showing blank when performing batch email
  • UI issue when calendar page open up during Add activity operation from floating menu option.
  • On opening the child object preview for a selected record all the columns are not showing.
  • Improper email body shows up while saving an email with a contact.
  •   Email Profile/FROM is Blank while send Mail from Email Template Page.
  • Message “Field Name is duplicate” is showing intermittently
  • Add functionality in Add/Remove from Subforms check button is not working
  • Number of record shown in List view is not reflecting in the ajax popup.
  •  MORE option doesn’t work for User Operation child object in Session Mgr Page.
  •  In Account Object’s list view if Add quotes as Linked Child table in Customize View for Quotes Id fields no linked records show
  • Newly added Contact from quotation page doesn’t reflect FULL NAME in contact object
  •  The calendar is not working for the “Template Date” and “Date Shipped” fields.
  •  Search twitter after providing the correct credential run time error is showing.